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Call it a side jam or a passion project, just call us. Raise Your Spirits was born out of an increasing need for people to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with themselves, their friends, family, and coworkers in a fun and unique way.

 Its an easy way to slow down, be present in the moment, and connect with yourself by exercising your own creative choices.  


I'm interested in throwing a  Raise Your Spirits Creative Art Party, now what?

  • Drop us a line and let us know what type of event you are planning; corporate, home or online party.
  • Let us send you a personalized quote and instruction sheet. 
  • Confirm your guest list and event date with payment.
  • Raise Your Spirits will arrive early to your home or office to set up, and host your experience with all of the tools and supplies needed.
  • Online events will receive their attendance links within 24 hours of  confirmation.
  • You enjoy knowing you just hosted the best gathering for your guests with all spirits raised!!

How can I pay for my event?

Your booking date is confirmed when full payment is received as a group or individually by email transfer.

Is art messy?

Yes! It can be depending on the experience you are booking please have your guests dress accordingly should there be a spill or a drip. Raise Your Spirits takes no responsibility for happy accidents. No compensations will be provided to participants or hosting venue.

What if I have booked my event as a host and something has come up?

Life happens we get it. Raise Your Spirits will work with you to reschedule a booking up to 14 days prior to the event. As a lot of preparation goes into your special event payments are non refundable on events with cancellations within 7 days of event time.

What if I'm attending an event and now can't make it?

We do not give refunds for cancellations however we would be pleased to welcome someone to attend in your place if you cant make it. Drop us a line.

What do I need to do to prepare as a host?

As a host you would prepare for your event as you normally would, after all guests are confirmed. Each guest will need a comfortable spot at a table with a 2x2 working area. In most cases you will need to supply access to water and sink to replace water and clean brushes, hands etc. Music will set the tone whether you want a spa like meditational experience or a rip roarin' rager.

Leave the rest to us!

Why Choose Us

Community Based

We love supporting our Edmonton Community and offer specialized programs for families, community leagues and senior organizations.

Passion For Learning

There is no greater gift than watching the accomplishment of someone whom has not joyously created without abandon since they were a child. 

Every stroke is a decision only you can make that honors your inner gift. 

There is a reason they call it the "present".


Serving the West Edmonton and St. Albert area.

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